Ridan Food Waste Composters

Food waste recycling made easy

Ridan Food Waste Composters are a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution to recycling raw and cooked food waste for schools and commercial catering establishments.

Food Waste Recycling System

All catering food waste can be recycled quickly and easily using a Ridan

Sending commercial food waste to landfill is unnecessary, unsustainable and costly, so recycle and reuse it on-site. The Ridan is an eco-friendly on-site composter that requires no form of power, it quickly turns all food waste into compost. A Ridan could reduce your waste to landfill and CO2 emissions by over 10 tonnes a year whilst vastly reducing your waste disposal costs.

No Power Required Easy Gear
  • PROTECT the environment
  • ADD to your green credentials
  • PRODUCE rich natural compost for your garden
  • SAVE money

Ridan Composters produce healthy, nutrient-rich compost from food waste, the process is completely natural and unlike other commercial composters on the market Ridan Composters use no electricity.  Composting your food waste on site with a Ridan Composter is eco-friendly and easy to do.

The perfect solution to school food waste and restaurant food waste problems. Click to open the Composting School Special Report  compost-special-web-2012-2

NO disposal costs…….NO power costs……NO landfill

RIDAN COMPOSTERS are being used in all of these locations

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