Food waste recycling at home

Ridan Compost Box composting machines

The growing, production, transportation and distribution of food requires a huge amount of water, power and fuel. A large amount of food ends up going to waste. This could be due to inedible parts (ie carrot tops), out of date food, or excess at supermarkets.

More resources are then required to collect and deal with the waste, which in most cases is taken to landfill where it is left to rot, which in turn creates harmful Co2 gases and other environmental harm.

This whole process is wasteful and harmful to the environment. We need to do something to break this cycle.



Who produces the most food waste?

According to the most recent report by the charity Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP), the UK produced around 9.5 million tonnes of food waste in 2018. Broken down by sector, this waste was comprised of:

  • 6.6 million tonnes (70%) from households.
  • 1.5 million tonnes (16%) from manufacturers.
  • 1.1 million tonnes (12%) from hospitality and food service (HaFS).
  • 0.3 million tonnes (3%) from the retail industry.

This list clearly shows that the vast majority of food waste comes from households. As individuals, we can do something about this.

Recycle your food waste at home

Ridan design and produce a range of hot aerobic composting machines designed to make food waste recycling quick and easy. Food cuttings, plate scrapings and out-of-date food can all be added to the composter on a daily basis.

Clever design features control the amount of warm air, cool air and moisture that gets added to the mix to ensure quick and perfect compost every time.

It’s clean, simple, quick and easy. Depending on which Ridan Composter you use, the whole cycle can be finished within a couple of months.

Benefits of using a Ridan composter at home

  • No rotting food waste hanging around waiting to be collected
  • No rotting food waste going into bins or landfill
  • A completely natural process converts the waste into compost
  • Ridan composters are guaranteed rodent free and smell free
  • None of our composters require power so can be sited anywhere
  • The Ridan Compostbox 4 is small and compact
  • Food waste and green garden waste can be added
  • Fast turnaround from waste to compost
  • Be responsible for your own waste

What to do with the compost?

hands holding compost in the shape of a heart

If you are an environmentally conscious person who wants to recycle their own food waste at home then you may be wondering what to do with the compost produced during the recycling process.

If you have a garden, you can use your own compost in your borders and flowerbeds and even scattered over your lawn to add natural nutrients to the soil.

If you do not have a garden, the compost can still be used for planters and plant pots inside and outside your house.

Even if you do not have a use for the compost yourself, you can give some to neighbours, friends and family, or donate to a local group, school or allotment.

What is the best Ridan composter to use at home?

For individuals or families of up to four people, we offer the Ridan Compostbox 4. A compact and simple to use, hot aerobic composter with a rugged stainless steel case.

For larger families or multi-occupancy households, we offer the Ridan Compostbox 10 which can process up to 35ltrs of food waste a week.

If you are an individual living in a residential home, flat or sheltered accommodation, you may want to consider grouping together to get a larger Ridan Pro 200, or 400.


home composting made easy with the Ridan Compost Box

The Ridan Compost Box

  • For home and domestic use
  • Makes composting at home easy
  • Range of sizes available
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