Why Recycle?

Why recycle your food waste with a Ridan Composter

Commercial food waste in binsIt is estimated that 11.8 million tonnes of food waste are produced here in the UK, per year, The majority of which ends up in landfill.

Food waste in landfills gives off a massive amount of greenhouse gases which damage the environment and contribute towards global warming. It is estimated that 20% of the UK’s greenhouse emissions are associated with waste food.

If we were to recycle all of our food waste we could prevent the emission of at least 15 million tonnes of carbon dioxide, every year!

Food waste is thrown into bins creating bad smells and potential health risks. The bins are then collected by vehicles using fuel and creating pollution to be taken to landfill sites. Sending food waste to landfill is costly on your wallet and the environment.

Food waste at a landfill site

As well as greenhouse gases, landfill sites also emit toxic liquid effluent which can leach into the soil and waterways. It takes 30 years for a landfill site to stabilise and stop emitting global warming gases such as carbon dioxide and methane (a greenhouse gas 25 times more damaging than carbon dioxide).

There is limited landfill space left in the UK and new landfill sites are difficult to find. Would you want one next to you?

Recycling your food waste is the perfect solution

Here at Ridan our aim is to reduce the amount of food waste going to landfill. We firmly believe that if food waste is recycled at source, it can be used to enrich the soil and grow more food, whilst supporting valuable eco systems – creating an environmentally friendly process, reducing mess, costs, pollution and harmful gases.

If we wish to keep this earth turning we will need to look after it, and environmentally friendly eco food waste recycling can make a significant contribution to your green credentials.

Eco Food Waste Recycling Solutions

  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Increase environmental awareness among children, students and employees
  • Decrease waste collection and disposal costs
  • Add to your GREEN credentials
  • Produce natural, nutritious compost for your garden or vegetable plot


Reduce Greenhouse Gases and Protect the Environment

car exhaust fumes

5 tonnes of food waste produces the equivalent carbon dioxide as an average car

If a canteen that produces 5 tonnes of kitchen waste each year sent all of its food waste to a land fill, it would produce the same amount of carbon dioxide as the average car over a whole year! By processing this same food through a Ridan composter and then spreading the compost produced onto a garden, you lock away the carbon dioxide in a good way, nourishing the soil, so that it can be used by plants to grow and complete the cycle in a natural way. So by using the Ridan, you, in turn, are keeping the world turning! Catering waste or commercial food waste can be difficult to dispose of in an environmentally friendly way.

Ridan Composters produce healthy, nutrient-rich compost from your everyday food waste. The composting process is 100% natural and, unlike other commercial composters on the market, Ridan Composters require no electricity, and will therefore be free to run.

Furthermore, our units are designed to be easy to use and robust enough to handle all types of commercial food waste. Ideal for heavy usage by the likes of commercial kitchens, schools and restaurants.

  • PROTECT the environment
  • REDUCE your CO2 Emissions
  • ADD to your green credentials
  • PRODUCE rich natural compost for your garden
  • SAVE money
  • PERFECT for schools, businesses and groups

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