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Upcycle Electro-Mechanical composter range

Ridan forms partnership with pioneering French food waste company Upcycle

Throughout Europe, laws are changing and tightening on the management of food waste.

In February 2016, France adopted a pioneering law on fighting food waste that meant supermarkets were forbidden to destroy
unsold food products and were compelled to donate it instead. This law constituted the starting point of the fight against food
waste through banning its destruction and facilitating donation. Since the adoption, its scope has been extended further, as
defined through new decrees and laws.

As laws tighten, more and more businesses, local authorities and communities are looking to better control their food and bio waste throughout Europe and France in particular and one way to achieve this is through on-site, food waste recycling and composting.

A solution has been provided by French company Upcycle which began their journey as a community project but now design and manufacture a range of large scale food waste and bio waste composters capable of processing up to 2000 tonnes of food waste per year.

Both Ridan and Upcycle share similar environmental views and have both been impressed by one another’s products so have got together to form a partnership that will see Ridan Pro composters being sold and distributed throughout France by Upcycle and in return, Ridan will mange the importing and installation of Upcycle products throughout the UK.

As the UK is no longer a part of the EU, there is no way of knowing if UK laws will become as strict but as the problem of food waste grows along with the negative impact it has on the environment, it would be no surprise if more and more large scale composters start to appear outside of factories, hotels and commercial premises throughout the UK.

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