Scottish Hotel closes the loop with compost

seafood_waste _recycling

The West Highland Hotel in Mallaig must have one of the very best views in the world, looking west over the sea to Skye, constantly changing with the seasons and the weather. But it is not all about the amazing view, with some of the worlds best produce caught, farmed and grown within a few miles of here, you can enjoy equally amazing food and drink.
Positioned in a natural wilderness, several hours drive from a city, sustainability is very important here, food and waste miles are polluting and costly, so the owners source local whenever possible and recycle on-site whatever they can. A biomass heating system fueled by local sustainable timber keeps the hotel warm, the seafood on the menu travels only a few yards from the boats to the table and now the food waste from the kitchen travels only a few yards to a Ridan Pro 400 food waste composter Composting system. The food waste is nearly all preparation waste, peelings and trimmings, very little comes back from the table. But because the food is fresh and local it comes complete, so the volume of food waste is considerable. With capacity to recycle up to 400 liters of food waste each week the Ridan Pro 400 food waste composter is up to the task.
seafood_waste _recycling

The next step will be using the compost produced by the Ridan to grow vegetables and salad for the hotel restaurant meaning that those food miles will become yards!


So if you fancy staying in a stunningly beautiful place and eating some of the worlds finest foods  whilst taking in a breathtaking view before savoring a single malt or two, consider the West Highland Hotel because it is treading lightly and looking after this wonderful part of Scotland.Food_waste_recycling_scotland