Copthill Independent school love their Ridan

food waste recycling at Copthill School

Copthill Independent school is situated near Stamford in Lincolnshire. They cater for children from 2-11 years old.

They recently took stock of a brand new Ridan Food Waste Composter and were so delighted with it, they created a video for us.

The video shows the Ridan in everyday use with all kitchen scraps and food waste being fed to the hungry Ridan.

The school offers a broad and challenging curriculum to excite and inspire their pupils and this ensures that they are fully prepared for each stage of their schooling.

Copthill School is a thriving, purpose-built, Independent Day School for 300 boys and girls, aged between 2 and 11. Located on a farm, surrounded by 350 acres of beautiful rural countryside in south Lincolnshire, their unique site enables them to offer pupils a wide range of outdoor experiences. Safe access to extensive woods, a river, fields, tracks, farm animals and archaeological sites makes outdoor learning a daily reality for our pupils.

Copthill school are very keen to get their pupils out of the classroom to experience nature and the new Ridan is a great opportunity for the kids to learn about the eco lifecycle, whilst having fun helping out the kitchen staff.

This is what the ISI Inspector had to say when they visited the school:

Pupils love the ‘work’ they do outdoors, and lessons in the woods or out in the open are significant contributory factors which help pupils to develop highly positive attitudes to school and to display such joy and enthusiasm for all they undertake in school

Dan Welburn at Ridan says

We are delighted that Copthill school are getting so much use and pleasure from their Ridan and hope they continue to do so

For more information on Copthill School please visit their website: Copthill School

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