Don’t waste your pumpkin

Pumpkin food waste

Did you know that over 12 million pumpkins will be thrown away this Halloween?

In an article in the Guardian newspaper it was revealed that over 12 million pumpkins will be purchased for carving, then discarded afterwards.

In a poll it was discovered that many people did not even realise pumpkins were edible.

There is a market for larger pumpkins and these are lacking some of the flavours of smaller ones, but can still be added to soups, stews and pickles. Even the flesh can be eaten.

The seeds can be dried and roasted in spices to make a delicious snack.

Of course, you may not want to eat any of the pumpkin if you have bought one purely to carve with your children, but you can consider how you are going to discard the remains.

If your local council collects food waste for composting then you are fine to add the remains to your food waste caddy, but if your council or food waste collection service does not compost food waste it will end up in landfill which is bad for the environment, so you may want to consider composting it yourself.

There are lots of composting solutions available on the net for doemestic composting, but not so much for commercial, business composting.

That’s where the wonderful Ridan Composter comes in. The large Ridan is capable of composting up to 400litres of food waste per week, so ample space for a whole batch of pumpkins.

Once composted you will have enough compost to grow a whole new batch for next Halloween.

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