I liked it so much…

The Upcycle Ridan Pro

If you are of a certain age, you may remember the advertising campaign for Remington back in the late 1970’s where Victor Kiam was so impressed by the Remington shaver that he bought the company.

Well, we have recently had a similar experience here at Ridan.

Upcycle started out as a social project in France. They were collecting and processing coffee grinds in order to cultivate specialist mushrooms for some of the finest restaurants in Paris. The project grew and with it came the development of eco-friendly food and bio waste composters to offer food waste processing solutions to businesses and communities in and around Paris.

Upcycle.org in France

Having heard about the Ridan Pro composter, Upcycle ordered two units that were shipped over to France.

They were all extremely impressed.

So impressed in fact that they negotiated a licensing deal with Ridan to reproduce the Ridan Pro in France under the Upcycle name and in their own branded colours.

Ok, so they didn’t quite buy the company, but we at Ridan are delighted that Upcycle like our design so much that they want to re-produce it and, on top of that, they have had some great success with production and sales.

Visit the Upcycle website to view their Ridan Pro