Composting : working with nature

Natrual composting

The process of composting is when organic matter such as leaves, grass and food waste begin to decompose. A combination of organic material, water, oxygen and bacteria work in harmony to create a chemical reaction that produces heat, which results in a formula we call compost. This process is completely natural and occurs in nature all around us all the time. This nutrient rich formula then feeds the soil around to promote the growth of healthy new plants and vegetation. Recycling perfection!

For composting to take place naturally, the conditions have to be just right. Nature ensures the correct mixture of materials and aeration required for this to happen. Dumping tons of food waste and green waste in landfill is not a natural process and does not create the right environment for nature to carry out the composting process. Instead the waste simply rots. The heat and energy that would normally go into creating compost is expelled as harmful gases and the by-product releases harmful waste into the soil and eventually the water systems.

green waste in landfill

The Ridan Composting system works with nature and creates a natural environment for the composting process to work as nature intended.

The body of the Ridan ensures the heat produced is retained and the rotation mechanism ensures oxygen is added through aeration.

The Ridan composting system makes it easy to work with nature.