Delivery and Installation


For most locations in the UK, we can arrange to deliver and install your Ridan for you.

On delivery we will:

  • advise on the best location for your Ridan,
  • assemble and install the system
  • train staff and demonstrate how to use your Ridan Composter

If this is not convenient or if you are outside of the UK, then we can arrange delivery through a courier or delivery service to any location in the world.


Installation Requirements – All Ridan systems are made to be situated outside, however they can be located under cover to shelter the operator during use.

No power, water or other services are required. The whole system should stand on a hard level surface such as concrete, asphalt or slabs in order to provide a stable surface which can be kept clean, the area required being 5 square meters for the Small Ridan System, 6 square meters for the Medium Ridan System and 8 square meters for the Ridan Pro 400 food waste composter System.

Ridan composter and maturation boxes