The Ridan range

The Ridan system consists of composting machines and maturation boxes that have been designed and are manufactured in Devon in the UK.

Ridan Composters are composting machines that come in a range of sizes to suit your premises and the amount of food waste produced each week.

Which of the Ridan composting machines is right for you?

To decide which Ridan Composting machine is suitable for your site you must consider the following:

  • How much food waste is being produced each week in litres? This can be measured using a bucket or container of known volume, then refer to the table below, the ‘Maximum Throughput’ refers to the volume of food waste in litres.
  • Where the system can be positioned
  • What you will do with the compost. Can it be spread on some grounds or gardens?
  • Complete composting includes a maturation stage in maturation boxes, our ‘Ridan 900’ is ideal for this
  • The ‘Maximum Throughput’ figure refers to food waste only, processing any less than this amount is fine.

*Please note:
The maximum throughput refers to the maximum amount (in litres) of food waste that can be processed in your Ridan composter. This amount does not include the carbon (wood) materials. The figure quoted for the maximum throughout is the absolute maximum but the optimal amount is significantly less.

You do not have to fill the composter to the maximum or optimal amount. Small amounts can also be composted, just as long as the balance of food waste and wood are maintained.

Specifications The Small RidanThe Medium RidanThe Large Ridan
Maximum Throughput 80 Litres per week 200 Litres per week 400 Litres per week
Unit Dimensions (meters)2.1L x 1.0W x 1.4H2.4L x 1.0W x 1.5H2.5L x 1.0W x1.6H
Unit Weight (empty)50Kg60Kg70Kg
Price of Ridan £2250 plus vat £2950 plus vat £3650 plus vat
Maturation Boxes1 @ £360 plus vat2 @ £360 each plus vat3 @ £360 each plus vat

Ridan Composters are designed for food waste recycling. The Ridan can compost all food waste, green waste and wood. Food waste includes meat, fish, dairy and eggs whether cooked or raw.

The Ridan food composter uses natural ingredients and processes to create a warm environment in which food waste (nitrogen) and wood (carbon), can mix with air and water. Unlike other composters, all this happens without the need for electricity, making your Ridan cheap, easy to use and eco friendly.

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