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Ridan Compost Box home composting machine

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Recycle your green and food waste into organic and peat-free compost at home

The Compost Box from Ridan is a composter for the home. There are two models available both of which use insulation to create a warm environment to encourage the composting process and ensure good quality compost every time.

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The Ridan Compost Box 4 | The Ridan Compost Box 10

Ridan Compost Box composting machines

Who uses the Ridan Compost Box

  • Domestic home use
  • Small shops and businesses
  • Allotments


Both composting machines feature sturdy, stainless steel cases so they can withstand the weather and prevent infiltration from rodents.

They are both insulated with a 3cm thick foam casing that enables the compost to warm up and stay warm, all through the year.

The heat in the upper layers accelerates the composting process, then bugs and worms in the lower layers produce the finished product.

An underfloor aeration system draws air in to the mixture whilst allowing access for worms, bugs and microbes.

Other features include:

  • Adjustable air inlet valve
  • Fluid outlet drain
  • Air inlet for option pumped air
  • Rodent and vermin proof casing
  • Water / weatherproof, long-life stainless steel casing
  • Underfloor aeration system

Clever design

Cleverly designed air vents draw fresh air in and keep the rain out, whilst maintaining the warm temperature inside.

A lid at the top makes it easy to throw your food waste and green waste in and a harvesting hatch at the bottom enables you to draw your compost out.

The Ridan Compost Box does not require any power so can be positioned anywhere in your garden.

What can be added to the compost?

You can add any bio-degradable matter to the composter. That includes veg, meat, fish, egg shells, in fact any food substance, cooked or raw. You can also add green waste from the garden.

The important thing is to create an equal balance of nitrogen (from the food and green waste) and carbon (wood chippings, pellets or sawdust). This balance together with oxygen from the air is what creates the perfect environment for the composting process to begin.

Worms, bugs and microbes then move in to finish the process by breaking down and filtering the compost. After a three month period of maturation, your compost will be ready to use.

Organic, peat-free compost

Your home-made, organic and peat-free compost can be produced in as little as three months, however the longer it is left, the better it gets as it continues to mature.

The Ridan Compost Box is the perfect solution for environmentally conscious people who want to help reduce greenhouse gases and be responsible for their own waste at home.

You could even grow your own food at home and complete the full eco life-cycle!

Why buy a Ridan Compost Box composter?

While composting takes place naturally, it is not always easy to get the conditions just right all year round. A compost heap, or cheap, plastic composter will allow the mixture to get wet or cold, slowing or even stalling the process. Our insulated, thermal Compost Box range ensure the conditions are right all year round.

There are other thermal insulated composters on the market, but they often do not allow for air flow in or fluid flow out which can hinder the process.

At Ridan, we have tried and tested all of the top-selling composters and set out, not only to improve on their existing features, but to add new, innovative features that only exist on Ridan products.

Ridan Compost Box 4 logo


Product name: Ridan Compost Box 4
Suitable for: Up to 4 people
Capacity: Up to 15ltrs of food waste per week
Size: 59 x 59 x 125cm
Cost: £700 + VAT

The Ridan Compost Box 4 food waste composter

Let’s get started

The Ridan Compost Box 4 is a great option for someone new to composting, or an environmentally friendly family of around 4 people.

It’s easy to use and guarantees good quality compost so long as you use it as instructed.

The Compost Box 4 has a large loading hatch which is 44cm x 44cm where you add the food waste.

Once the compost is ready, the compost can be accessed via the harvesting hatch which is 35cm x 24cm wide.

At just 59cm squared and 125cm high, it is big enough to cope with an average family’s food waste but small enough to be placed outside the kitchen door, or tucked away in the corner of the garden.

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The Ridan Compost Box 10


Product name: Ridan Compost Box 10
Suitable for: Up to 10 people
Capacity: Up to 35ltrs of food waste per week
Size: 104 x 104 x 122cm
Cost: £1200 + VAT

The Ridan Compost Box 10 food waste composter

Let’s get serious

The Ridan Compost Box 10 is big enough to handle food waste for up to 10 people. This composting machine would be ideal for large households, small businesses, community groups or allotments.

The loading hatch is a generous 54cm x 5cm which is plenty big enough for a bucket of food waste and there are three harvesting hatches in total, each measuring 35cm x 24cm for accessing the lovely compost that forms at the bottom of the composter.

Due to it’s size, the Ridan Compost Box 10 makes use of clever, but simple physics to maintain rigidity by using a hexagonal structure. This composting machine is 104cm x 104cm in width and depth and 122cm in height so would be better suited to a larger garden or open space, though it’s stainless steel casing and eye catching design could possibly make an interesting feature in your garden for your friends and neighbours to admire.

The Ridan Compost Box 10 will be delivered to your home or premises via pallet, fully assembled with instructions for use.

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Which Ridan Compost Box is right for me?

You could base your decision on the recommended amount of people the composter is suitable for, whether it is 4 people or 10 people.

You could also choose by the size of the composter and whether it will fit in your garden / premises.

Possibly the best guide is how many litres of food waste you produce in a week.

Here is a comparison table to help:

Specifications Compost Box 4Compost Box 10
Maximum Throughput15 Litres per week35 Litres per week
Suitable forApprox. 4 peopleApprox. 10 people
Unit Dimensions (meters)59cm x 59cm x 125cm H104cm x 104cm x1.22cm H
AssemblyFlat pack (requires alen key)Fully assembled
Price of Compost Box£700 + VAT£1200 + VAT

If you care for the environment and are serious about composting, then the Ridan Compost Box is the perfect choice for you.

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