Ridan 900 Compost Maturation Box

Rodent proof Maturation box

The Ridan 900 Maturation Box is a robust 970 litre compost bin with steel base constructed from tough insulated plastic. It has an easy-open secure lid on top and compost removal hatches at the bottom.

Complete with a steel base and metal sides to keep pests (such as rodents) at bay, it is simple to assemble and ideally suited to maturing the compost after it has been through the Ridan. It is approximately 1m x 1m x 1m.

£360 plus VAT

How does the Ridan 900 maturation box work?

The compost that emerges from a Ridan composter will have completed the hot thermophilic stage of composting, but in order to become a good growing medium it must be matured for a further 2 or 3 months before use.

Compost maturation works best when there is a large mass of compost. The Ridan 900 maturation box will hold just under 1000 litres.

How do I use a composting box?

The composting box can also be used simply as an insulated garden compost bin which will keep the contents warm.

Usually, the boxes are used in pairs so that whilst one Ridan 900 compost bin is being filled with freshly produced compost, the other is left to mature before harvesting.

The Ridan 900 works well with the Small Ridan and the Medium Ridan, however 3 or even 4 Ridan 900 compost bins will be required to cope with the compost output from the Large Ridan.

During the winter, the warm compost can be a very attractive nest site for squirrels, rats or mice. The Ridan 900 compost maturation box has been carefully designed to be completely pest-proof, with a metal base and sides.

Keep rodents and pests at bay

A carefully designed arrangement of ventilation slots and channels feed and extract air from the compost, these also provide access for bugs, beetles, worms and all the creatures that really do the work for you, see our composting page for details.

Compost thermometerCompost Thermometer – if you require a compost thermometer to check the temperature within your Ridan or Maturation Bin, we stock accurate long probe units which are easy to read. They are quick to use and indicate the ideal temperature for fast composting.
Thermometer Cost – £25 plus VAT each.

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