The Ridan Pro 400 Composting machine

Ridan Pro 400 and Ridan 900 Maturation Boxes

The Ridan Pro 400 composting machine processes up to 400ltrs of food waste every week making it the perfect eco, food-waste composter for large scale commercial caterers, businesses and schools.

Suitable for:

  • Schools, Colleges & Universities
  • Hotel & Restaurants
  • Residential & Care Homes
  • Hospitals
  • Commercial & Industrial premises
  • Estates and Land Management
  • Agricultural businesses
  • Garden centres
  • Holiday parks

Simple and free to run, the Ridan Pro 400 is a hot, aerobic constant throughput composter, which is capable of dealing with all types of food waste and bio-degradable green waste on-site.

Designed and built in Devon, the Ridan Pro 400 composting machine is made from weather-proof, robust materials and is covered with an insulated jacket to help retain the heat produced by the natural composting process.


No Power Required Eco friendly composter

The Ridan Pro 400 does not require any power so can be positioned anywhere. Compost requires Nitrogen, Carbon and Oxygen to work. Nitrogen is provided by food waste, carbon by wood or cardbaord and oxygen is supplied by turning a manual, mechanical handle which introduces air into the mixture.

Easy Gear composting technology

EasyGear Technology is Ridan’s solution to making composting as easy as possible. The mixture inside the composter requires aerating and is turned by a series of blades, but the mixture can become quite heavy when the composter is full. The EasyGear is an ingenious use of engineering technology that makes use of a cog and gear system to make turning the blades easy.

Maturation boxes

The Ridan Pro 400 takes around a week to process your food waste into compost, however, what is produced is not quite ready to be used. The material produced needs to be allowed to mature for some time before it becomes more like the type of compost we are used to buying from shops.

For the maturation process you will require maturation bins.

The Ridan Pro 900 is a maturation bin designed and built to compliment the Ridan Pro 400 composting machine. The recommended amount for the Ridan Pro 400 is 3 maturation bins.


Specifications Ridan Pro 400
Maximum Throughput 400 Litres per week
Unit Dimensions (meters)2.5L x 1.0W x1.6H
Unit Weight (empty)70Kg
Price of Ridan £4650 plus vat
Maturation Boxes3 @ £480 each plus vat

Food Waste Composting in Schools

The Ridan Pro System 400 is popular with schools and colleges across the UK. Not only does having a food waste composter at the school boost your green credentials, it’s also a great way to teach children about the environment, the eco life-cycle and the importance of recycling.

Teach your pupils and students how quick, easy, and rewarding it is to turn their food waste into compost.

Schools already benefiting from installing a Ridan include Colyton Grammar School, Tavistock Primary School and Upminster Junior School.

I am amazed at how well the Ridan works, how easy it is to use and how quickly it composts, as a result we now only have one bin collected every week instead of two and we have plenty of rich compost for the garden

Stowford Primary School, Ivybridge, Devon