Ridan Pro System Food Waste Composter

The Ridan Pro composting system

The Ridan Pro System

On-site food waste recycling made easy

The Ridan Pro system consists of a Ridan Pro composting machine and a set of maturation bins.

Capable of processesing up to 400ltrs (200KG) of food waste per week, the Ridan Pro System is perfect for:

  • Schools, Colleges & Universities
  • Hotel & Restaurants
  • Residential & Care Homes
  • Hospitals
  • Commercial & Industrial premises
  • Estates and Land Management
  • Agricultural businesses
  • Garden centres
  • Holiday parks

Simple and free to run, the Ridan Pro composting machine is a hot, aerobic constant throughput composter, which is capable of dealing with all types of food waste and bio-degradable green waste on-site.

Designed and built in Devon, the Ridan Pro composting machine is made from weather-proof, robust materials and is covered with an insulated jacket to help retain the heat produced by the natural composting process.


No Power Required Eco friendly composter

The Ridan Pro does not require any power so can be positioned anywhere. Compost requires Nitrogen, Carbon and Oxygen to work. Nitrogen is provided by food waste, carbon by wood or cardbaord and oxygen is supplied by turning a manual, mechanical handle which introduces air into the mixture.

Easy Gear composting technology

EasyGear Technology is Ridan’s solution to making composting as easy as possible. The mixture inside the composter requires aerating and is turned by a series of blades, but the mixture can become quite heavy when the composter is full. The EasyGear is an ingenious use of engineering technology that makes use of a cog and gear system to make turning the blades easy.

Choose the right Ridan size for you

Ridan offer two sizes of Ridan Pro Composter.

The Ridan Pro System 400 logo

The Ridan Pro 400 is the larger of the two, suitable for larger schools, universities and businesses.

The Ridan Pro 400

Specifications Ridan Pro 400
Maximum Throughput 400 Litres per week
Unit Dimensions (meters)2.5L x 1.0W x1.6H
Unit Weight (empty)70Kg
Price of Ridan £4650 plus vat
Maturation Boxes3 @ £480 each plus vat

The Ridan Pro 400 is our biggest and best selling composting machine. The vast majority have been sold in the UK, but we have shipped them out to Europe and even as far as India.

All over the world, people who are concerned about the environment and their impact on it and are using the Ridan 400 to deal with their food waste responsibly.

The Easy Gear technology makes using the Ridan Pro 400 so easy that kids can enjoy using it and getting involved.

The stainless steel frame and robust weather-proof structure enables the Ridan Pro 400 to be positioned anywhere and to last a lifetime.

Payment options are available and once paid for, you will only have the cost of providing wood chips which in the long run will save you money and possibly even save the planet too.

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The Ridan Pro 200 logo

Ridan composter medium

The Ridan Pro 200 is the smaller model suited to places with less space such as pubs, cafes and shops.

Specifications Ridan Pro 200
Maximum Throughput 200 Litres per week
Unit Dimensions (meters)2.4L x 1.0W x 1.5H
Unit Weight (empty)60Kg
Price of Ridan £3950 plus vat
Maturation Boxes2 @ £480 each plus vat

The Ridan Pro 200 is an exact, but scaled down replica of the best selling Ridan Pro 400 and offers all of the same innovative features that makes the 400 so popular.

Just as robust and just as weather proof but smaller, ideal for schools, colleges or caterers with less room out back.

The process is exactly the same and the Ridan Pro 200 will trun your food waste around into compost in just a couple of weeks due to the thermal aerobic properties the composter provides.

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Compare models

Take a look at this comparsion table to see the differences between the Ridan Pro 200 and the Ridan Pro 400.

Specifications Ridan Pro 200Ridan Pro 400
Maximum Throughput 200 Litres per week 400 Litres per week
Unit Dimensions (meters)2.4L x 1.0W x 1.5H2.5L x 1.0W x1.6H
Unit Weight (empty)60Kg70Kg
Price of Ridan £3950 plus vat £4650 plus vat
Maturation Boxes2 @ £480 each plus vat3 @ £480 each plus vat

The Ridan Pro 900

Cost: £480 + VAT

The compost that emerges from a Ridan composter will have completed the hot thermophilic stage of composting, but in order to become a good growing medium it must be matured for a further 2 or 3 months before use.

For the maturation process you will require maturation bins.

The Ridan Pro 900 is a maturation bin designed and built to compliment the Ridan Pro composting machine. We recommend three maturation bins for the Ridan 400 and two for the Ridan Pro 200.

The Ridan 900 Maturation Box is a robust 970 litre compost bin with steel base constructed from tough insulated plastic. It has an easy-open secure lid on top and compost removal hatches at the bottom.

Complete with a steel base and metal sides to keep pests (such as rodents) at bay, it is simple to assemble and ideally suited to maturing the compost after it has been through the Ridan. It is approximately 1m x 1m x 1m.

During the winter, the warm compost can be a very attractive nest site for squirrels, rats or mice. The Ridan 900 compost maturation box has been carefully designed to be completely pest-proof, with a metal base and sides.
Keep rodents and pests at bay

A carefully designed arrangement of ventilation slots and channels feed and extract air from the compost, these also provide access for bugs, beetles, worms and all the creatures that really do the work for you, see our composting page for details.

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Compost thermometer

Compost thermometerif you require a compost thermometer to check the temperature within your Ridan or Maturation Bin, we stock accurate long probe units which are easy to read. They are quick to use and indicate the ideal temperature for fast composting.

Thermometer Cost – £25 plus VAT each.