Small Ridan Food Waste Composter

The Small Ridan Food Waste ComposterThe Small Ridan food waste composter is intended for smaller kitchens, guest houses and small offices producing under 80 litres (40kg) of food waste per week.

Smaller and cheaper than the Medium Ridan and Large Ridan but with the same simple and effective thermo-composting process at its heart.

The Small Ridan Composter costs £2250 plus delivery and VAT, or lease/buy from £112.50 per month over 2 years (grants may be available).

Small Ridan Food Waste Composter Details

Ideal for:

  • Cafes & Restaurants
  • Small businesses
  • Schools
  • Community groups
  • Domestic use
Specifications The Small Ridan  
Maximum Throughput 80 Litres per week
Unit Dimensions (meters)2.1L x 1.0W x 1.4H
Unit Weight (empty)50Kg
Price of Ridan £2250 plus vat
Maturation Boxes1 @£360 plus vat
How to buy a Ridan Composter


How does the Small Ridan Food Composter Work?

Food Waste ComposterThe Small Ridan Food Waste Composter is incredibly easy to use and requires minimal effort. Furthermore, the unit doesn’t require any electricity and so is completely environmentally friendly!

We find that food waste is normally loaded on a daily basis (on average about 10 litres of food waste every day). Once loaded, the handle is turned and immature compost  is disposed from the outlet. This can be stored in the maturation box until it is ready for use on the garden.


Step 1. Load your food waste and wood chip at one end

Step 2. Turn the Handle

Step 3. Collect the nutritious immature compost at the other end

Step 4. Transfer immature compost into the maturation box until ready to use on the garden

Recycle ALL of your Food Waste!

All food waste can be composted, raw or cooked, meat, fish and dairy. The mixture within the Ridan gets very hot with a natural average temperature of between 50 and 70 °C. These high temperatures accelerate the composting process by using fast acting thermophilic bacteria, whilst also killing pathogens and seeds.

The Small Ridan food waste composter can be situated outside with no extra services or power required , resulting in zero operating costs.

Still want to know know more? See how the Ridan Composter Works.

How to buy a Ridan Composter

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