Upcycle electromechanical composting machines

Upcycle electromechanical composting machine

Food waste recycling on a large scale is possible with this range of electromechanical composting machines and food waste shredders

The Démeterra® range of composting solutions from Upcycle make it possible to dispose of vast amounts of food and bio waste on-site, cleanly, safely and economically. They are perfect for large businesses, councils or multi-occupancy residential buildings, capable of processing up to 1,200 tonnes of food waste a year.

Ridan have partnered with Upcycle to act as their official importer in the UK.

*The models shown are a combination of a first-stage bio waste shredder, then a second-stage composter


Démeterra® 70 electromechanical composter

25 – 80Kg min-max / day

27Tonnes / year

800Covers / day


70Litres of compost / day

3.5×1.75×1.45(L x W x H) in m


Démeterra® 160 electromechanical composter

80 – 180Kg min-max / day

58Tonnes / year

1600Covers / day


160Litres of compost / day

4.7×1.45×2.1(L x W x H) in m

Démeterra® 330 electromechanical composter

160 – 350Kg min-max / day

120Tonnes / year

3200Covers / day


330Litres of compost / day

8.5×4.3×2.95(L x W x H) in m

UpCycle are a company based in France who design and build a range of products for collecting and processing food waste and bio waste into compost. In 2014 they introduced a range of large scale electro-mechanical composters, designed for large scale food waste processing. The Démeterra® range composts from 25 kg to 350 kg of bio-waste per day. These 3 new generation composters are the result of years of experience in micro-industrial composting and are intended to make on-site composting simple and accessible.

What is an electromechanical composter?

The process is very similar to the Ridan Pro in that powerful blades turn and aerate the bio waste mixture. The difference with an electro-machanical composter is that it requires electrical power to turn the mechanism due to the weight of large quantities of food waste.

With a cubic external shape, it is actually a tank equipped with blades which is hidden under the structure. Every 2 hours, the blades mix the material and ensure its oxygenation so as to optimize the work of the bacteria naturally present in the bio-waste. Airflow is constantly controlled to create the perfect environment for bacteria and insulated walls ensures the contents remain warm.

An electromechanical composter is actually a thermophilic bacteria reactor which yields greater results than traditional cold composting. Result: the process is 32 times faster than a “cold” composter, like the one you may have at the bottom of your garden.

This efficiency allows it to accommodate any type of bio-waste and the controlled air flow makes the problem of odors easy to manage.

In the case of our new generation composters, we wanted to make them smart: They are capable of weighing the waste which in turn controls the amount and frequency of mixing. Various auto programmes are available for different situations. Acceleration to absorb peaks, Holidays to slow them down, Hygiene+ for sensitive waste. Everything can be modified on site, but also remotely, thanks to a web platform made available to our customers.

The range of Démeterra composters combine the advantage of on-site, local composting reducing the need for transport, with the quality and effectiveness of industrial scale composting.

What types of bio-waste can be put in new generation composters?

  • All organic waste from the kitchen, including meat, fish [1] , small bones, seafood, citrus fruits, eggshells
  • All shredded green waste, faded flowers
  • Kraft packaging, shredded cardboard
  • Compostable packaging with the “Home Compost” and “Ok Compost” label if you have a shredder

From bio-waste to compost in 15 days

  • Food and bio-waste is added with a equal amount of wood chip
  • The material is aerated and mixed
  • As the friendly bacteria multiplies, the mixture heats to temperatures around > 60°
  • All pest-free and odor-free!
  • After 15 days, the material comes out, it is fresh compost and NF 44 051 standard
  • The compost is matured for 8 weeks outside the machine before being returned to the ground

Designed for 15 years

Démeterra Composters are designed to be easily repairable. The main parts – tanks, shafts, motors, chassis – are designed for a lifespan of more than 15 years. The other blocks can be easily updated or replaced in the event of failure. We have always favoured quality over price, because these machines are made to be used every day for a long time and that is what makes them so efficient ecologically!

The Démeterra 70

Démeterra 70 composting machine

The smallest model in the range, it composts 70 kg of bio-waste per day and produces up to 70 liters of compost daily.

The only model fitted with wheels for easy handling, it is ideal for composting bio-waste from restaurants, small supermarkets or campsites.

By opening the 2 large doors, you can easily access all the on-board electronics, but also the biofilter which can accommodate a UV lamp or wood chips.

The D70 is very simple, plugs into a standard 220v socket and requires very little maintenance.

The Démeterra 160

The Upcycle Démeterra D160 composting machine

The UPCYCLE Démeterra 160 bio-waste composting system is significantly more imposing than the D70 with its 2m height. It is equipped with a specific mixing system to maximize the oxygenation of large quantities of food and bio-waste.

Designed to compost 160kg of bio-waste per day and up to 58tonnes per year, it is ideal for a restaurant with 1600 customers/day or for a first neighborhood composting project.

Despite its capacity, it is compact and well designed to only require 30m2 of space.

Upcycle have designed a particularly high compost outlet to accommodate 900-litre pallet bins and minimize daily handling.

It is frequently associated with the M shredder which optimizes its capacity, but can also be coupled with an L shredder.

The Démeterra 330

The Démeterra 330 food waste composting machine

The flagship ship of the Démeterra range with its 9m length, it is designed to compost the waste of 10,000 inhabitants and fit into the heart of the city, it is also perfect for large corporate or university campuses with several restaurants and green spaces or for hypermarkets.

Fitted with a bucket lift and air injection as standard, it is very frequently associated with the L shredder to optimise capacity. Wifi and computer controlled it can be left to run itself or controlled remotely.

The Démeterra 330 comes with an integrated tool shed and rain shelter for the operators and the compost.

The machine may be imposing, but is designed to be discreet (less than 60 db) and easy to maintain. Large hinged panels allow you to open up all spaces and access all corners easily.

How is the installation of an UPCYCLE composter carried out?

You want to take the plunge, but you have concerns about the installation of the composter and support for its use?

We went to film the installation of a D160 composter and its shredder at Alore, a social integration company located in Lille, France.

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