Rooftop food waste composting in Birmingham.

Matthew Hayes
Ruskin Mill Trust, Argent, Birmingham
Rooftop food waste composting in Birmingham.
19th June 2018

I’m really impressed with the Ridan.  We are putting through a steady flow of kitchen waste and bits and pieces.  We’ve settled on using the sawdust pellets as a carbon source.  I tried to shred our own cardboard, but couldn’t come up with an efficient, economic shredder which could handle our cardboard waste, so I’ve settled for the pellets right now, which are easy to use and store.
The Ridan is powering away, cruising at anywhere between 45-55 centigrade.  What really impresses me with the design is the combination of robustness and providing the appropriate biological operating conditions.  The gearing on the tumbler shaft really makes turning practical.  The chimney effect drawing air through the chamber works well, and the insulation allows for maintaining good temperatures.
We have already had some output, for 2-3 weeks now, which comes out a nice consistent semi composted mass, which we are feeding to our worms in the basement.  The output is almost odourless, and stabilised enough that I am confident that it won’t attract rodents in our basement – so all around I’m very happy. 
So thanks for your great Ridan – it’s already become a much loved colleague.