About Ridan Composting Ltd

Dan Welburn with a Ridan Food Waste Composter

Ridan™ – an innovative eco company producing the Ridan Composting system in Devon.

Ridan™ are a UK based company innovating environmentally friendly composting machines for food waste recycling and composting of green waste.

How Ridan Composters were created…

Hospitals, schools, hotels, prisons, farms and other big organisations that provide catering services inevitably have a lot of food waste to deal with and sadly most of it ends up in landfill sites, using excessive energy to dispose of the waste and then producing excessive gases while in the landfill.

Discussing this problem in an Exmoor pub one night were Richard Gedge (an ex-stockbroker who now runs an award-winning environmentally friendly farm), and Dan Welburn, (a former Formula One (motor racing) engineer). Together, after experimenting with prototypes, they created the Ridan™ Composter composting machines.

Ridan have designed, tested and developed their own composting products, manufacturing them to their own strict environmentally friendly guidelines.

Ridan™ Composting Ltd were recognised as finalists at the 2009 DEBI Awards (Environmental Business Awards).

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