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Ridan are an innovative eco company designing and building better solutions for recycling food waste into compost

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Upcycle electro-mechanical composters

Upcycle Electromechanical Composters

Ridan are now the official UK importers of the Upcycle range of electromechanical composters capable of processing up to 500 tonnes of food waste per year. The ideal solution for industry, local authorities and multi-occupancy residential premises.

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Welcome to Ridan

Food waste is an environmental problem.
We are tackling that problem by designing and manufacturing a range of eco-friendly composting machines suitable for food waste recycling at home and commercial catering.

Why is food waste harmful?

It is estimated that 11.8 Million tonnes of food waste end up in landfill in the UK alone. Thrown into landfill, the food simply rots away.

This process releases harmful Co2 gases (20% of the UK’s greenhouse emissions) into the atmosphere as well as emitting toxic liquid effluent which can leach into the soil and waterways

Ridan offers the eco solution

Composting is a natural process which converts the potentially harmful gases produced by rotting food and bio-degradable matter into a nutrient rich substance which is healthy for the earth, waterways and atmosphere.

Although natural, the conditions have to be just right for composting to occur, which is where the Ridan range of eco-friendly, composting machines steps in to help.

The benefits of Ridan composting products

Environmentally friendly


Reduce your carbon footprint and help protect the environment
Save money on waste collections

Save money

Reduce your waste management costs
Fun and educational

Fun and educational

Teach children about bio-degradable matter and the eco life-cycle
shop bought compost

Protect peat

Peat-free compost is expensive. Protect peat and make your own compost with a Ridan
no power required

No power required

No power required – people and nature working together
quick and efficient eco lifecycle

Quick and efficient

Our composters use natural heat to speed up the composting process
Ridan Community

Who composts with Ridan?

Ridan products are in daily use by a wide range of users through the UK and Europe

Get in touch

We are a small business based in North Devon. We are easy to talk to and love talking compost.

We do not sell online (yet) so for any enquiries, to purchase, arrange delivery or solve problems, please give us a call on 01598 751 043, or use our contact form to email us.

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