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The Ridan food waste composter System consists of a manually powered composting machine and a maturation box, enabling schools, businesses and caterers to recycle large quantities of food waste or any bio-degradable vegetation into healthy, nutritious compost.

Why use the Ridan™ Composting System

Protect the environment

11 million tonnes of food waste go to landfill every year creating 20% of the UK’s Co2 emissions.

Save money

Reduce your costs for commercial food waste disposal.

Massive throughput

The Large Ridan system is capable of recycling up to 10 Tonnes of waste every year.

Fun and educational

The Ridan System gets used in schools and colleges to help teach the Eco life-cycle.

No power required

The Ridan Composter is operated manually so requires no electricity or power.

Environmentally beneficial

Create healthy compost that will benefit soil and the environment.

Food waste is environmentally damaging

Hospitals, schools, hotels, prisons and similar organisations that provide catering services inevitably produce a lot of food waste and sadly most of it ends up in landfill sites, using excessive energy to dispose of the waste and then allowing the waste to rot, producing harmful greenhouse gases. By recycling food waste at source Ridan systems can significantly reduce global emissions.

Ridan offers the Eco-Friendly solution

The Ridan system does not require power so can be situated anywhere. All food waste including meat together with any other bio-degradable vegetation can be added to the mix. The end result is a healthy compost that can be used to feed plants and vegetables, completing the Eco life-cycle.

Ridan Community

Who uses the Ridan System?

The Ridan Composting system is being used on a daily basis by a wide group of users throughout the UK and Europe.

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