Food waste recycling for business

The Ridan Pro food waste compster for business

Onsite Food Waste Recycling Machines for Business

Save money, improve your green credentials and reduce your carbon footprint.

food waste in bins
Any business that offers catering services to the public or to employees will generate a large amount of food waste from food preparation, plate scrapings or unused, out-of-date food.

This food waste often ends up in waste bins that can potentially be hazardous, smelly and unpleasant. There are financial costs and environmental implications in the collection and removal of the waste and in most cases it ends up in landfill where it rots and emits harmful greenhouse gases.

Is it not time to break this unnatural, unnecessary cycle?

Clean up and Green up

It is time for all of us to take more responsibility, whether it is for the sake of our customers, employees or the environment as a whole.

  • Would you like to show your shareholders, customers and employees you care about the environment?
  • Would you like to show that your company is progressive and embracing the latest technologies?
  • Would you like to create a clean space around your premises, free of stinking bins?
  • The solution is an on-site food waste recycling machine.

Become part of a sustainable solution and increase your company’s green credentials as well as saving money.

On site food waste recycling

An on-site food waste recycling machine is a fantastic way to improve your business’s green credentials whilst saving you money on your waste collection and disposal bills. A Ridan Pro 400 composter is quick and simple to use and will recycle all of your food waste into nutritious compost.

Scraping a plate

Composting is the decomposition of biodegradable organic matter including cooked and raw food waste. Kitchen waste and plate scrapings can all be composted, as can garden waste such as grass clippings and dead leaves. The key thing to remember is that if it once lived, then it can be composted.

When the conditions in the Ridan Pro composting machine are right, microscopic organisms respire and breakdown the matter to produce nutrient rich compost.



Henley Business School food waste

Who already uses the Ridan Pro Food Waste Composter?

Here is a list of some of the businesses that are using the Ridan Pro System to recycle their food waste:

  • The National Trust
  • Riverford Organic Farms
  • Road Chef
  • TDK
  • ITV Studios
  • The Real Junk Food Project
  • Simon Rogan Restaurants
  • HM Intellectual Property Office (Newport)
  • HM Channings Wood Prison
  • Merry Hatton Garden Centre
  • Henley Business School


How do I use a Ridan food waste composter?

The purpose of the Ridan Pro composter is to aid and enhance the natural process of composting. The Ridan Pro creates an environment that is just right for the composting process to occur. All you have to do is make sure you add the right balance of mixture and give the handle a few turns every day to introduce oxygen to the mix.

Successful composting all depends on getting the right proportions of carbon and nitrogen rich materials.

Nitrogen comes from food waste and green waste, while carbon is supplied by wood.

Too much carbon can cause the materials to be too dry and not break down. Too much nitrogen tends to make the waste go rotten and smelly.

Ridan Composter schematic diagram

What can be composted?

You can compost all food waste (foods past their sell by date, cuttings, peelings, and plate scrapings) and all garden waste (grass clippings, weeds, cuttings, and horse manure). These green waste products are all nitrogen rich, so you need to balance this out with carbon rich products.

The only carbon source which really works well is wood, as either wood chip, sawdust, wood shavings or wood pellets. These must be added to the composter every time that food waste is added to maintain the right balance.

How do I get the balance of green and brown waste right?

The composting process happens naturally within the Ridan when the balance of green to brown product is correct, a safe bet is half and half which is a safe way to get started, however over time you can adjust this to suit your waste type.

What comes out?

The food waste mixture passes through the Ridan in about two weeks, emerging automatically as the handle is turned but at this stage it hasn’t yet become compost.

The mixture is then placed into one of the Maturation boxes where it continues to compost, improving every day. The compost can be ready to use in as little as 12 weeks, but more time always improves it.

The resulting compost will be rich, moist and full of nutrients produced by the composting micro-organisms, it is far richer than normal soil and a haven for any plant life.

Which Ridan is Best for Business?

It depends on the amount of food waste your business is producing, however we typically find at least one Ridan Pro 400 food waste composter will be required. Have a look through the table below to understand which Ridan Food Waste Composter will be right for your business.

Specifications Ridan Pro 200Ridan Pro 400
Maximum Throughput 200 Litres per week 400 Litres per week
Unit Dimensions (meters)2.4L x 1.0W x 1.5H2.5L x 1.0W x1.6H
Unit Weight (empty)60Kg70Kg
Price of Ridan £3950 plus vat £4650 plus vat
Maturation Boxes2 @ £480 each plus vat3 @ £480 each plus vat

Independent advice about food waste recycling

WRAP advise our government about recycling, they have compiled a paper giving advice about the on-site treatment of food waste which gives a good selection of options.