Ashley Church of England Primary School – Surrey

Ashley Church of England Primary School – Surrey ashley-c-of-e

Ashely school is located in Surrey and aims to provide a happy, caring, Christian environment where children develop independence and self confidence whilst achieving their full potential.  Ashley School is recognised as one of the world’s leading eco schools. In 2009 they received the highly acclaimed Ashden award for their efforts in sustainable energy. In 2012 they were awarded the European Commission funded U4 Energy award for sustainable energy and attended the European Awards Ceremony in Brussels. Ashley is also proud to be an eco-ambassador school. asley

‘Our Ridan is a robust and versatile vehicle which takes all of our school kitchen waste and recycles it into fantastic nutrient rich organic growing medium for the growing project at the school.’

Darrel Leggett

Head Gardner 2015

Number of students: 420

Quantity of compost produced: 8 bins per year ~8000litres

Quantity of food waste going into the Ridan: 150litres per week

Saving in food waste collections: One bin lift per week

Cost saving in compost: £700/year

How have the students been involved?:  Students are immersed in a growing rich environment.  They get stuck in with collection of food waste right through to cooking and tasting the produce grown in the compost. 

Have you integrated composting into the curriculum, if so how:  Year 5 complete a waste audit in school.  All students are involved with growing of fruit and vegetables and cooking the produce.

Did you get any grants or LA support? If so how much?:  Yes, a grant from Surrey County Council.ashley-school