Farms for city children

farms for children composting tomatoes

These residential centres in the countryside offer city children a life changing experience by living and working on a real farm for a week. The benefits of working with animals, plants and nature are huge – children are taught how to handle animals, how to take care of nature, and taught about different plants. Furthermore, children learn to work to their own initiative, get a real sense for the working day and are given the opportunity to see where their food comes from.

Founded by Michael Morpurgo in 1976 the farms are centred around large historic houses in stunning countryside locations.

food waste compost growing

Two of these farms now use Ridan composters to recycle their everyday food waste on site. Nethercott House in Devon and Treginnis in Pembrokeshire both use a Medium sized Ridan. Currently composting 180 litres of food waste per week at each site, all kitchen waste plus 7 days’ worth of plate scrapings are being composted every week.

food waste compost boxHow efficient are Ridan composters?

Operated by the grounds team, wood pellets are being used at a cost of just £2 per week.

Compost is harvested and matured in Ridan 900 Maturation Boxes before being used on the gardens and vegetable patches.

Over Six Tonnes of food waste being recycled every year at each site.

Barry Searle, manager of one of the farms said – ‘It is rare these days to buy a product which exceeds your expectations like the Ridan, food waste to usable compost takes just 10 weeks. Our tomatoes have been grown in the compost produced and are bigger and better than ever before, a lovely fine potting compost!