Simon Rogan : From farm to fork to Ridan

British chef Simon Rogan at his farm

One step closer to zero waste

Acclaimed British chef Simon Rogan has achieved incredible success during his years at the top of UK cuisine, gaining two Michelin stars at L’Enclume, his flagship restaurant based in Cartmel in Cumbria.

Alongside L’Enclume Simon now owns and operates a sister restaurant called Rogan & Co, accommodation and a shop in Cartmel. To supply these outlets Simon has bought and operates a local farm where he produces his own organic, seasonal produce, creating the farm to fork experience.

It has always been his vision to produce dishes that represent the locality and the season mixing organically grown produce with locally foraged items, but part of that vision was to create zero waste and now with a newly purchase Ridan Composter, Simon is one step closer to achieving his vision.

Simon Rogan at Our Farm

Ridan success

Simon Rogan and his staff were so impressed by the initial three Ridan Composters they bought, they have since gone on to purchase six more making nine in total.

On his Facebook page, Simon posted this:

“We do everything possible to minimise waste in our kitchens, from pickling and preserving to using offcuts and leftovers. Despite this, there is still some wastage, such as animal bones used in stocks or sauces. So, to reduce our waste even more, we have recently installed three Ridan composters at @ourfarm.

These allow us to recycle all the food waste, including bones and dairy, from L’Enclume and produce excellent quality compost for our crops within 18 weeks. Over the coming months, we aim to expand the number of composters to compost the food waste from our other restaurants in The Lakes.”

In a later post, Simon added this:

“Our composters are all set up at Our Farm and are working well. We’ve produced a few loads of compost and have even been able to take some food waste from Rogan & Co and Home by Simon Rogan.

The compost is so rich that we won’t have to re-compost the beds for at least two or three years.”

Ridan Compost Maturation containers

Simon looked up Ridan through a recommendation which resulted in him purchasing three Ridan composting machines back in the summer of 2021. He was so impressed he later purchased three more and recently another three.

Ridan owner Dan Welburn says:

“Obviously, it’s a real compliment when a customer comes back to buy more of your products, but I think with Simon, he really gets the ethos of Ridan and the whole notion of recycling, reducing carbon emissions and giving back to the earth. It is environmentally sound and in most cases financially sound too.

It was real pleasure meeting Simon and his team and of course, visiting such a beautiful place as Cartmel in the Lake District. I admire what he has achieved and is continuing to do and would like to thank him sincerely for his custom.”

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