Ridan Food Waste Composters

Food Waste Composting Made Easy

Ridan Food Waste Composters are a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution to recycling both raw and cooked food waste including meat. They are suitable for schools, hotels, businesses, canteens, commercial premises, restaurants, and catering establishments.

By using Ridan food composting equipment to recycle food waste on-site, you will dramatically reduce the need for external waste collection and disposal – saving you money whilst producing a useful natural end product.

There are three sizes of Ridan Composters available – Small, Medium and Large. We can help you to determine what size of Ridan is appropriate for you. We will look at the amount of food waste you produce to find the best combination to process all of your food waste.

Food Composter - Food Waste Recycling Machine UK

Recycle Raw and Cooked Food Waste Quickly and Easily using Ridan Food Composters

Sending commercial food waste to landfill is unnecessary, unsustainable and costly. With a Ridan food composter, you can recycle and reuse your waste on-site.

The Ridan is an eco-friendly on-site food composter that requires no form of power. It quickly turns all food waste into compost using natural processes. A Ridan could reduce your waste to landfill and CO₂ emissions by over 10 tonnes a year. All this whilst vastly reducing your waste disposal costs.

Why Use a Food Waste Composter?

Food Waste ComposterRidan Composters are incredibly easy to use and require minimal effort. Furthermore, the units don’t require any electricity and so are completely environmentally friendly!

Food Waste ComposterEasyGear Technology  is Ridan’s answer to making composting as easy and accessible to all. The EasyGear makes using the composter light work.

  • PROTECT the environment
  • REDUCE your CO2 Emissions
  • ADD to your green credentials
  • PRODUCE rich natural compost for your garden
  • SAVE money
  • PERFECT for restaurants, schools, hotels and commercial kitchens

Produce Nutrient-Rich Compost

Ridan Composters produce healthy, nutrient-rich compost from your everyday food waste. The composting process is 100% natural and, unlike other commercial composters on the market, Ridan Composters require no electricity, and will therefore be free to run.

Furthermore, our units are designed to be easy to use and robust enough to handle all types of commercial food waste. Ideal for heavy usage by the likes of commercial kitchens, schools and restaurants. Composting your food waste on site with a Ridan Composter is eco-friendly and easy to do.

The perfect solution to school, restaurant and all types of commercial food waste problems. Click to open the Composting School Special Report  compost-special-web-2012-2

NO disposal costs…….NO power costs……NO landfill

Some of our Customers

We have now supplied Ridan composters to organisations, both large and small across the UK and beyond. Below are a few of the companies that are now using Ridan Composters for their commercial food waste recycling.

Across the UK and beyond

Customers right across the UK are reaping the environmental and money-saving benefits of having a Ridan food waste composter onsite.

They are suitable for a wide number of industries including:

  • Schools and Colleges
  • Restaurants and Cafes
  • Hotels and Hospitality
  • Large Commercial Premises and Factories