Coffee Recycling at Roadchef and Costa

Costa Coffee at Sedgemoor

Roadchef and Costa recycling coffee grounds

Motorway services recycling coffee.

When grabbing a coffee at the motorway services there is frequently a queue, so many of us love a coffee. So you can imagine that the quantity of waste coffee grounds soon mounts up. Roadchef manage Sedgemoor services on the M5 amongst others, and decided that sending all of the waste coffee grounds from their Costa outlet off to landfill was wrong, so they installed a Ridan food waste Composter. Roadchef Sedgemoor Services


The Ridan Pro 400 food waste composter recycling system is positioned near to the kitchen entrance so that as coffee grounds are taken outside they can be loaded and the composting can begin straight away. Ten tonnes of coffee grounds will be recycled every year, that’s about 200Kg every week. Using the system is quick and easy, first pour in the coffee grounds and add some wood pellets from the black dustbin. Then turn the handle on the left and watch as compost falls into the bucket on the right. Just a few turns of the handle is enough to make it work, then place the compost into one of the four maturation boxes on the right. It takes about 10 minutes a day. Fill each maturation box in turn, when the last one is being filled, the first one will be ready to harvest so open the side and barrow it away to where it can be used on gardens and grounds. Well done Roadchef we salute you!

Coffee Recycling machine
Coffee Recycling machine