Organic Waste recycling at the Horniman Museum

Organic Waste Recycling

Organic Waste Recycling at the Horniman Museum.

All organic waste recycled.

The Horniman Museum in London has Conservation at its heart and that includes conserving the environment. So installing a Ridan to recycle all of their organic waste from the restaurantsOrganic Waste Recycling and gardens made perfect sense.

The extensive 16 acre gardens which overlook the city of London include displays of medicinal plants as well as food, material and dye plants, it’s a wonderful display and an excellent urban wildlife refuge. Keeping all of this in order, the gardeners produce huge amounts of organic waste material, which is not waste at all when it has been made into rich compost which is recycled back onto the growing beds.

Highlights of the museum include collections on Anthropology, Musical Instruments, Natural History as well as an Aquarium, it is a great family day out and it is free! Organic Waste Recycling The museum café is housed in a huge orangery and the food is amazing so there is very little waste. However now that the Horniman Museum have a Ridan composter they are recycling all food waste so that no organic waste leaves the site.

With landfill space running out, landfill taxes rising, road transport becoming more expensive and global warming a real problem, we really need to make changes which reduce greenhouse gas emissions, pollute less, and waste less than we are doing. Composting all of our organic waste on site is a real and practical solution, no more food waste miles, no more methane produced, fantastic compost created. The Horniman Museum have set a great example here, taking action and making a significant impact. If every business, school and catering outlet does the same the world will become more healthy.