Waste Prevention and Sustainability funded in Scotland.

Merryhatton Garden Center in North Berwick, Scotland, gained funding from Zero Waste Scotland to install a Ridan food waste composting system.

Sustainability is extremely important to the team at Merryhatton, so they decided to do the right thing with the food waste from their wonderful cafe, rather than sending it off to landfill. Following some research they discovered Ridan, meaning that they could  transform all food waste into compost for the gardens.  The Ridan doesn’t use any electricity and the running costs are tiny, so it stood out from the competition.

Zero Waste Scotland are offering grants to fund SME’s implementing waste prevention technology in Scotland. For full details see Resource Efficient Scotland .
Ridan Food Waste recycling systems satisfy these requirements, eliminating further road transport, reusing the food waste on-site, preventing landfill and the associated greenhouse gas emissions. So if you are an SME in Scotland, consider your food waste, and think about installing a Ridan.

With a great cafe, little acorns club, a huge range of plants and regular events, Merryhatton has something for everyone.