Community food waste composting in ‘The Zone’

  • 08 Jun 2018
Pentrebane zone

Community residents group Pentrebane Zone in South Wales grow food, run a community cafe, and a food bank distribution service, so inevitably there is some food waste which used to leave the site along with any other waste. Now they have a Ridan food waste composting system on-site which can transform up to ten tonnes of food waste per year into lovely compost. Community food waste composting at it’s best.Community Composting
Community residents and volunteers have been recognized for their great work at Pentrebane Zone such as Gardening Clubs, Family Cooking and Woodworking workshops, winning several awards along the way. The gardening club also includes a scheme to grow your own hops before supplying then to a local brewery who turn them into excellent low food miles beer, a great way to enjoy the fruits of your labors, now that is keeping it local!

Pentebane Zone collect food donated by local supermarkets and re-distribute it to whoever needs it locally. Inevitably there is some waste from this, as well as from the cafe and cookery club, all of which can now be recycled into compost for the gardens and poly tunnel in order to grow more food. The whole composting process takes about three months from food to compost, it doesn’t use any electricity and the end product is a wonderful natural moisture retaining soil enhancer.

Pentrebane zone

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