Journal of Litter and Environmental Quality article by Keep Britian Tidy

Damers First School really are pioneers, ‘walking the walk’ when it comes to environmental awareness in schools and living by their convictions.
So many topics are being addressed from reducing energy consumption in school, plastic use especially single use, food miles with school gardens and waste by recycling in super efficient ways.
No food waste leaves the school since the Ridan food waste composting system was installed. Everything is turned into compost and added to the raised beds to increase soil fertility and grow more food.
Edd Moore is a year three teacher and Eco Coordinator at the school. Edd supported the students as they formed their Eco School plans and instigated each project. Keep Britain Tidy recently asked Edd to contribute to their Journal of Litter and Environmental Quality
so here it is, the relevant part is page 30 to 37.

Edd is passionate about not only reducing the school’s environmental impact but more importantly inspiring every student to learn about their world a look after it.

Turning their Ridan together