Residential Outdoor centre recycling food waste to grow more food install second a Ridan.

composting food waste

Share Village is Irelands largest residential outdoor activity and adventure centre attracting 15000 visitors each year. Situated on the shores of Lough Erne the centre offers a wide range of land and water based adventures and activities as well as accommodation for up to 220 visitors each night.

So as you can imagine the catering facilities are substantial and a quantity of food waste is generated every day. So back in 2014 a Ridan Pro 400 food waste composter food waste recycling system was installed so that all of the food waste could be converted into compost to grow more food. At the same time visiting groups could get involved, learn how valuable food waste is, and how it can easily be recycled.

loading the food waste composter
Loading the food Ridan


composting food waste
No power required!





The Ridan composter has been doing a great job since 2014, recycling up to ten tonnes of food waste each year, however as the centre has grown, the capacity of the Ridan is no longer sufficient. So a second Ridan Pro 400 food waste composter system is being installed ready for the 2017 season.

food waste recycler
Learning about recycling food waste


food waste composting
Mixing the compost

Being based in such a stunningly beautiful location, conserving the environment for future generations is of great importance to the team at Share Village. So recycling all of their food waste and re-using it on the gardens is the perfect solution. No greenhouse gasses are produced and the carbon is captured and returned to the soil.

Sustainable Adventures
Sustainable Adventures