Ridan Enthusiasts love talking compost

Ridan Enthusiasts

The Ridan Composting System is definitely a great talking point.

Wherever a Ridan Composting System is set up it draws attention and fascination and the people who own and run a Ridan love talking about it too.

Now a Ridan owner and enthusiast has set up a Facebook Group to share her and other owners experiences.

Not surprisingly, the group is called Ridan Enthusiasts and is a great place for people to meet and share their experiences, problems and successes with their Ridan system.

For anyone interested in composting

This next paragraph was taken from the group page and outlines the groups purpose:

Formed in late 2020, this group brings together users and would-be-users of the RIDAN hot composting systems. This is a place to share best practice, inspire others and create a better world. All the usual rules apply: Play nice, be compassionate, share the good stuff, ignore the bad stuff. Have fun – and spread the word…

Example posts

Here is one example of the sort of questions being asked on the group page:

“So… basic question because I’m still learning… how long does a batch need to be at >50C for – that is, if I can identify what went in on (say) last Monday) and I know it’s coming out now… can I put it in the maturation bins, or should I pass it through again?”

If you own a Ridan, or are keen on composting and are interested in owning a Ridan, why not sign up and get advice from composting experts and peers.

Visit the Ridan Facebook Group