Ridan features on Emmerdale

Did you see it? Our first appearance on UK national television! Ridan Composter -as seen on Emmerdale!
Ridan Composter on Emmerdale

Did you spot it?

Any eagle-eyed TV viewer who is a fan of the ITV soap Emmerdale may have caught a glimpse of our Ridan composter in the background of a scene that was set in the village allotment and aired on Tuesday 23rd November 2021.

In the scene, Liam Cavanagh (played by actor Johnny McPherson) is chatting to Leyla Harding (played by actress Roxy Shahidi) as they stroll through the allotment. In the background you can clearly see one of our Ridan composters. The scene is only short and the glimpse of the Ridan even shorter, but we were all very excited to see it and proud to have had it included.

Emmerdale titles

Emmerdale or Emmerdale Farm as it was known up until 1989 has established itself as one of the most popular soaps on British television and has been running since 1972. Situated in the fictional Yorkshire village of Emmerdale, the soap follows the lives of the folk who live and farm in and around the village, though the original farmhouse where the show was first centred was written out of the series in the 1990s. For many viewers it was an opportunity to see what life is like living in a rural area.

Ridan composter in scene from Emmerdale

food waste management on-set

The show which was once produced by Yorkshire TV is now produced by ITV Studios under the guidance of series producer Jane Hudson.

ITV Studios contacted Ridan to purchase a Ridan Composter for use on their outdoor set at the Harewood estate in West Yorkshire. Catering for staff and actors produces quite a lot of food waste and they felt a Ridan was the perfect solution for a cost-effective and eco-friendly way to manage their waste.

We are not sure if there are any plans to feature the Ridan Composter in future episodes, but it will definitely be working hard in the background to recycle all the food and green waste into lovely, nutritional compost and in the heart of the Yorkshire countryside, there will be plenty of places to use it.

See it for yourself

Sorry, but the episode is no longer available.

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