Catering Food Waste at Schumacher College

  • 04 Oct 2013
Schumacher College

Schumacher College

Bethan Stagg of Schumacher College has been composting the college food waste every day using a Ridan system since 2009. Using whole foods which are grown within the gardens or locally sourced to feed about 80 people each day in the college restaurant , prep waste forms the bulk of food waste along with rice, pasta, dough and pastry. An average of 180 litres of food waste is being composted every week, that’s about 5 tonnes of food waste which is not only being saved from landfill, it is being used to enrich the soil in their fabulous gardens.

Catering food waste forms a huge proportion of the overall food waste problem in the UK, if only more commercial kitchens would see the light.

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