Food steps in Wales, cafe composting excellence.

The Riverbank Cafe at Tregaron in beautiful Wales certainly have the right idea. They measure the distance that food travels to their excellent cafe in steps not miles. With plenty of growing space around them the produce being served can be picked and on the table within a few steps and a few minutes, no packaging or transport needed. The same goes for their home reared meats, grass fed all year round whilst able to roam in the Welsh countryside, the organic meats exceed the very highest animal husbandry and organic  standards.
As part of the whole system a Ridan catering food waste composter has been installed so that all of the vegetable trimmings and other food waste can be turned into compost and used on the catering scale produce gardens, enriching the soil.

Riverbank Cafe

The very best local food in a spacious peaceful rural setting attracts not only tourist trade but is also a meeting place for locals and local groups.

We really enjoyed our visit, it is always good to meet like minded people who are passionate about our world and the food we eat, whilst living a good life, in a wonderful place.

Wood from just down the road provides heating at the Riverbank Cafe whilst solar PV on the roof produce electricity right there.  Feed for the livestock is grown on site, barley is germinated in heated conditions all year round to ensure the cows, sheep and pigs enjoy a fresh healthy diet at all times, no wonder the meats are so delicious!

A more inspirational and enjoyable eating place would be very hard to find, so we say, go and visit!

riverbank cafe