Island Food Waste Recycling by composting

Small inhabited islands offer some of the most tranquil living environments on earth but they are so fragile. Inhabitants need to carefully consider the environmental impact of every action. Considerate waste disposal  is vital, so if waste can be recycled on-site and used to enhance the island, the advantages are many fold. Island food waste recycling to create compost is a perfect solution especially where good quality topsoil is at a premium. When it comes to island food waste recycling, Ridan offer the perfect solution.

Spruce Island Maine in the USA is just such a place, a 73 acre island part of an archipelago of beautiful but sensitive islands, rich in wildlife both on land and in the surrounding oceans. Uninhabited during the winter, visitors can enjoy luxurious living all summer long with plenty of activities on land and water.

Spruce Island Maine











To avoid shipping any waste back to the mainland visitors can now recycle food waste as it is produced, not only stopping any further pollution or transport but also creating dark worm filled compost bringing extra fertility to the island soil.

Island food waste recycling


















The small size, simple installation requirements (no power needed) and easy operation meant that the Ridan composter was the ideal system, especially because it can be left to overwinter and quickly start again every spring. So if you live on an island and wondering how best to handle your food waste, take a look at the Ridan system.

Island composting

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