National Trust recycle food waste with Ridan

National Trust Recycling

Nunnington Hall is a picturesque Yorkshire manor house managed by the National Trust. Renowned for its exciting exhibitions and walled organic gardens as well as the excellent tea rooms. Organic compost for the gardens is produced on-site using a Ridan system to recycle food waste from the tea room, great for the environment and the vegetables.

This is what gardener Cailean Iain Stewart had to say about their Ridan.

“At Nunnington Hall we have been utilising the Ridan composter for about 4 years with great success. It is an efficient and reliable tumbler and has no problem coping with large amounts of kitchen waste. The finished product is very versatile; it makes an excellent pre-composter and helps as an accelerator in our home-made compost bays. It is also well beyond the interest of small mammals as well as being a sealed unit raised at height. It is the highlight of our ‘Clever Composting’ talks and always sparks intrigue from our visitors.” Cailean Iain Stewart
Nunnington Hall, National Trust.

Because the Ridan can recycle food waste of all types, including a mixture of fresh and cooked, vegetables, fruit, meat, fish and dairy it is a very practical system for all catering outlets. Operating the Ridan takes just a few minutes every day, a highly visual and satisfying process which demonstrates sustainability and closed loop food production. No power is needed for the Ridan, so running costs are tiny. Despite this the mixture inside the Ridan will naturally heat up, regularly exceeding 60 degrees Centigrade even in the winter!
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