Community composting in London

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Last year we posted an article about the possibility of using the Ridan composting system to benefit a community.

The article was called Community composting could be the answer and it highlighted some of the problems faced by people living in flats being able to recycle their food waste. It is also difficult for local councils to collect the waste, resulting in 13 million households throughout the UK still throwing their food waste into landfill.

Back in 2013 we got involved in a project which has embraced the notion of community composting with the help of the local authority.

Beverley Court, Belgrave Court and Beaumont Court – more commonly referred to as “Three Courts” in London W4 is a development of three attractive, Art Deco buildings, built in the 1930s and set around beautiful gardens featuring an outside swimming pool.

Back in 2012, their local authority started to promote the concept of separating food waste to prevent it from going to landfill. A collection service is provided, but being flats, the residents of Three Courts either had to store their food waste in their flat, or add it to a communal food waste bin, which by the end of the week was somewhat unpleasant in appearance and smell and a haven for insects and vermin.

Ridan provided the solution

The answer was a Ridan composting system set up in the court grounds. The Ridan is accessible to all residents who can now easily and cleanly discard their food waste on a daily basis. Not only has this solved several environmental waste issues, but it has inspired some residents to commit to being more environmentally friendly in other aspects of life.

Three Courts LondonThree Courts Courts director Alex Nomikos recently submitted a testimonial for us to use on our website in which he says:

“A large Ridan composter has been working well for us since 2013 and has built up a following amongst residents who are now keen to do better environmentally. It is simple to use and the resultant compost is returned to our grounds, benefiting plants and trees and the machine itself requires no external power source and is extremely low maintenance.

Our general waste is cleaner, does not attract vermin and is easier for the LA to handle. We did suffer some small teething problems but a quick call to Ridan was productive and very helpful. An excellent addition to our property and the gardens.”

The management team have added some instructions on the Three Courts website for residents on how to use their Ridan:

We thank Alex for his kind words and are really pleased that our Ridan composting system is working well for them.

It is exciting to think that we may be part of a shift in waste management that may become the norm in future years.