The shocking truth

Our dream at Ridan is to help the UK and the world reduce their food waste through the healthy and natural recycling process of composting.

However, the sad fact is we are a long way from achieving this as this report from Wrap shows.

This report was first produced in 2018 and later updated in 2020 showing an increase in that time of the amount of food that gets wasted. The figures do include all sources of food waste including domestic, hospitality, business and the service industry, but they still make for shocking reading.

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It is estimated that around 9.5 Million Tonnes of food goes to waste at an estimated value of around £19 Billion which in turn has created 25 million tonnes of greenhouse gases.

The report does say however that what gets classed as waste is food that goes into charitable organistaions and into animal feeds, so the amount that actually ends up in landfill will be less.

The report makes for fascinating reading, so please do download it and give it a read.

Download Food waste key facts 2020

Not surprisingly, the vast majority of the waste comes from domestic use and not everyone has the space or the ability to compost at home, but with the Ridan Composting system, all schools, hotels, restaurants, hospitals and businesses could be recycling their food waste and doing something to reduce the 25 million tonnes of greenhouse gases being produced just in the UK, in just one year!

Help us to help the world. Spread the word and help Ridan keep the world turning.