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Food for life school dinners

Have you heard of the Food For Life School’s Award?

A Food for Life Schools Award is a great way to demonstrate that your school is doing fantastic work to provide healthy school meals, great lunchtimes and food education that has a positive impact on both pupils and the wider community.

Independent evaluation of the Food For Life programme demonstrates the unique, whole school approach makes a positive contribution to pupil health and wellbeing with many schools reporting a clear impact on their Ofsted report in terms of pupils’ personal development and wellbeing.

These great value awards packages are designed to support you through any changes you may need to achieve this. They are based on a flexible framework so every school can approach their award in the way that works best for them.

school children with healthy food

These are available either to schools directly, or via a local authority commissioned programme where they are further enhanced by training and local ‘on the ground’ support.

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Free Membership

Food For Life are offering free membership from now until Easter, so don;t miss out on this great opportunity to get your school signed up and earning awards.

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Install a Ridan

One great way to increase your chances of gaining an award is to have a Ridan Composting System installed. Boost your green credentials by recycling your own school food waste, whilst teaching your pupils about the bio lifecycle in the process. It’s mucky and it’s messy which makes it great fun for kids, but more importantly you will be helping to reduce greenhouse gases from waste to landfill.

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