Groundwork, west midlands supply funding for city community garden to recycle food waste.

Greenhouse composter

Groundwork UK, west midlands supply funding to recycle food waste. 

Most of our composters are delivered to businesses and organisations wishing to reduce food waste collection costs and make their business more sustainable.  

Ridan at Summerfield Greenhouse site
Ridan at Summerfield Greenhouse site

Every now and again we deliver a composter to a site run by passionate volunteers all working hard to enrich each other’s lives and just make the world a better place.  The Summerfield Greenhouse site was just that.  The site is located right next to Birmingham City Hospital.  It was cleared by volunteers from Lloyds bank as well as NHS trust workers from Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals.  With greenhouses, raised beds, bees, a cosy community centre and a whole host of willing volunteers the site was teaming with life.  Green fingered enthusiasts were keen to show off their little inner city sanctuary and demonstrate the fruits of their labour.

Groundwork UK provided funding for composting

Groundwork, west midlands have supplied the funding for two small composters.  They will be fed a mixed diet of garden waste and food waste left over by a local café which already sources ‘waste’ food donated from supermarkets!  The rich compost produced will be fed straight back into the greenhouses and beds on site and managed by volunteers.  The projects aim is to encourage healthy living and is part of a whole web of projects all over Birmingham. 

Volunteers showing off their produce.

The idea being that people are encouraged to walk between gardens, parks, allotments and open spaces as well as museums library’s and cafes.  There are a host of activities run in all the spaces all year round and anyone and everyone is encouraged to get involved.  A spot of gardening is literally what Doctors are prescribing these days!