Jamie Oliver’s Kitchen Garden Project schools get 10% discount!

We are very proud to be offering a 10% discount on all Large and Medium Ridan Composters to schools signed up to Jamie Oliver’s Kitchen Garden Project.  Jamie’s Kitchen Garden Project aims to empower primary school teachers to integrate growing and cooking into the school day.  They offer a range of ideas, resources and support to  help teachers equip students with the knowledge and confidence to cook and grow from scratch.  The heart of the project is all about food; where it comes from, how to cook it and how it affects your body.  Jamies Garden Kitchen Project is designed to inspire children’s eating habits for a lifetime!  The team at Jamies Kitchen Garden Project are passionate and keen.  They realise that teachers are stretched and no two schools are the same so their resources are designed to empower teachers to deliver fantastic lessons supporting the curriculum. 


Jamie's Kitchen Garden Project
Jamie’s Kitchen Garden Project

We at Ridan  feel we sit perfectly alongside Jamies Kitchen Garden Project as composting can close that loop to demonstrate a sustainable solution to food waste.  If students can grow their own food and cook it then why not recycle any food waste to make compost to grow more?  So check out Jamie Oliver’s Kitchen Garden Project for more information.