Save the planet and save money too

environmentally friendly grants

There has been a real shift over the last few years towards environmentally friendly schemes that reduce greenhouse gases and our carbon footprint and this shift has been financially supported through grants from local authority, organistaions and charities.

Food waste is bad!

We all know food waste is bad. According to a recent report by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), 30% of all food is lost or wasted somewhere along the food supply chain.

Here in the UK, 4.5 million tonnes of food waste was generated by homes in 2018, according to the Government’s waste advisory body.

food waste piled up

“If food waste was a country, it would be the world’s third biggest contributor to climate change,”

said Trewin Restorick, chief executive of environmental charity Hubbub, to The Guardian.

Unfortunately, most of that waste ends up in landfill, rotting away and creating harmful greenhouse gases. The bi-product that is left creates harmful substances that soak into the soil and make their way into the water system.

Of course, as well as the rotting material itself, there is also the environmental impact of the vehicles and machines required to collect and deal with the waste.

You could be eligible for a green grant.

If your school or business offers any type of catering then the environmentally friendly solution is to use the natural process of composting to recycle all food waste into natural, healthy compost.

You could be eligible for a green grant that will help you buy a Ridan Food Waste Composter and reduce your carbon footprint.

Composting is a natural process, but not always easy to achieve in nature as the right combination of biodegradable materials, carbon and oxygen are required. This is where the Ridan Food Waste Composter comes in.

The Ridan Food Waste Composter creates an environment that assists nature and enables the natural process to take place. It doesn’t even need power, so is completely environmentally friendly.

The compost can then be used on your grounds, donated to local groups or sold.

food waste recycling

Help with costs

The Ridan sounds great, but it’s a big initial investment which may take a few years to see any return on – but, there are organisations and charities that actively encourage businesses and community groups to adopt greener methods and reduce greenhouse gases. They want to give you money and you may be eligible.

Take a look at this list of organisations offering financial assistance. Click here

You can also approach your local authority, parish council and your bank, all of whom may wish to actively partake in any scheme that is seen to be environmentally friendly.

Applying for grants and filling in forms always takes time and effort, but maybe…it will be worth it.